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check your skin, check your breasts, check your testicles

May 7, 2006


That sounds like fun….huh?

Okay..some cancer info, in case your were wondering.

Yearly Checkups for your skin by a dermatologist

Bi-annual exams for woman and mammograms starting at 35-40 depending on your family history

Bi-annual exams for men for testicular and prostate cancer (bend over baby)

Check your breasts monthly as well as testicles. Finding a lump yourself or by a partner is a way to save your life.

Wear sunscreen year round and don't smoke.

Some pictures to freak the shit out of you. Take care of yourself.

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  1. May 8, 2006 2:34 am

    What about butt-moles? Ask Owen. Butt-moles disturb him.

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