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the darndest things…..

May 8, 2006

So, my 2 1/2 year old woke up this morning in the family bed to say…"I not tired. I awake. Not sleepy. Sun is up but it is dark. It is moring time, I awake!" I sleepily look at her rumpled impossibly blond head and tiny blue eyes and ask the standard question from moi.."what did you dream about?" She replies, "ooohhh, a baby horsey (insert squeaky princess voice and picture a tilted coltish snicker). I ask , "what was the horsey doing?" replied, "uh, baby horsey peed in my bed!"

 Later on this afternoon, after nursing her…(she popped off the one side to say.."AAaaah. Yum and then point to the breast  yet to be nursed and clapped her hands in delight), I ask her, "what does mamas milk taste like? she replies, in the smallest squeaky princess voice, "poopy". 


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