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Is anyone else paranoid..or just me?

May 7, 2006

Whie doing my Bio assignment, the topic was cancer, I imagined a host of insults upon my children and myself. The only thing I was kidna feeling good about is that I would loose weight. Why does cake and icing and potato chips have to taste good? Why can't i crave carrots and salad all day long? What is it about sugar? I swear it is the thing I am totally addicted to for sure. My gut is huge. And being overweight is a precuror for cancer…so now I am really going to get it. Then I will die, leave my children to be raised by their Dad and some hot young girl who has no scars from having children and is always well rested. Why is it being jealous is the first thing that leaps to my mind? 

I am glad I love my husband so. Truly. It is a curse at times. Sometimes I want to really hate him. Mostly I think he is cute and funny and he puts up with ALL my shit. 14 years this year…almost half my life. Is this the time in your life that you get freaked out because you sense mortality for the first time?

I really did not relish my single childless years. I did lots of cool stuff…but I truly did not really live it for every second. I should have. Cause , I could die from cancer.

I need to be done with my Bio class….too much information is a bad thing for me.  

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  1. Gina permalink
    May 7, 2006 3:54 pm

    you so do NOT have a huge, or anything close, gut– you are a total MILF, chickie!

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