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keep rollin, rollin, rollin hot mama’s, pimp daddy’s

March 3, 2015

My nose is all sneezy and itchy and my allergies are starting to act up so all the snow on the ground is not helping cover up what makes me go AH-CHOO. I imagined living on the planet Hoth would have it’s advantages and no allergies would be one of them but alas, nope.

Spring time means different things to me now that I am a mother of a teenager and preteen. It means soon I will not have the buffer of school between me and the inevitable meltdown I have when my kids argue with me for the 1,398,345 time that they don’t want to 1.take a shower 2.walk the dog 3. empty/fill dishwasher 4. eat any dinner 5. eat any breakfast 6. or do what the other one wants to do…there is more to the list but I just sound like a whiney douche so I will stop at 6.

Spring means my oldest boy, my previous little chicken of a baby indeed does have chin hair, body odor, smelly feet, a girlfriend, zits and aspirations that do not include me or my time. Thankfully his future plans include things I have been whispering to him since he was a baby….grow up, be independent, travel, do something meaningful and it doesn’t have to make you a lot of money, friends are important, love people and have fun.

He is really surly right now so it is hard to tell if he is having fun but it seems likely he should be so I just go with that.

So the irritating transition from winter to spring will spin out slowly and the ground will warm, ice will melt, crocus will start to sprout, birds will sing at the first glimpse of daybreak and our son and daughter will continue to march off, straight ahead into the day.

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