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Bigger Boy Returns

May 23, 2014

He didn’t even come right up to me to hug but he called me 3 times while he was away at camp. Got flustered trying to find some kind of yum welcome home lunch to get and drove in a couple of circles which gave us some time to chat in the car. The boy was full of baby turtles, frogs, eagles, osprey, vultures, ropes course, lemon cake, watered down apple juice, wearing the same dang shirt for 3 days, his Indiana Jones type hat and a few bumps and scratches. He didn’t smell too badly and looks about an inch taller, voice deeper still but hugged and kissed me all I wanted.

Until he walked in the house, ignored the amazing sub on homemade italian bread I just went and got him, went up the stairs to his room and shut the door.

And here I sit, the living room all by myself but happy because he is where he should be. Near me enough that I could command him out of his room to kiss me again. But I won’t and learning to give him space is really hard because all I want to do is reel him in closer and closer like a fish and stick him in my tank. Forever.

At least he loves me and I know it.


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