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Moon rise bed

April 20, 2014

Where do you find yourself after feeling lost for a long time you may wonder? I will tell you, friend, that you find yourself over the ocean crashing waves, small sand silvery and sticking to everything, night sky filled with all the stars you forgot were always there and in that sweet-smelling breeze and feeling like a turtle basking in the sun on the bank of a stinky pond.

Too tired to get out of bed to look at the blood moon eclipse but happy to know it was right outside my window I slept fitfully but rose each day to enchanting toddlers that I did not have to wrangle but only obliged to enjoy their songs, hand holding and pleas of running into the ocean.

Cold feet made colder by the lapping ocean salty and stinging in the brisk wind stubbing my toe in the wet sand filled with broken smoothed shells as the dog pulls his leash to chase all the birds snacking on baby clams the ebbing waters reveal.

Hair curlier with salt wind and damp rain refilling the sea and wetting all the fish.

We drive away in the dark, in the rain with yellow fields of safflower stiffly filled from the overnight deluge.

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