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yeah, yeah, yeah

April 10, 2014

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or freak the fuck out like I did the other day. Maybe all three at the same time cause if my cursing, slamming, stomping yelling kirk out didn’t scare the shit out of my kids I bet laughing will push them right over the edge.

I know everyone looses their tempter sometimes but I lost-lost it. Like a mental patient.

Luckily both kiddos forgave me but they shouldn’t have.

I did warn them, after I had calmed down and regretted everything that came out of my mouth that they need to be more selective with the arguing with me. Don’t argue over dinner, walking the dog, putting the dishes away, cleaning up your room while talking to me like I am the hugest idiot on the planet because there will come a time soon that you will want me to hear your argument because it will really be important and I will be all full up to the gills with yelling at me for dumbass stuff and I won’t listen.

And then you will really hate me. Don’t hate me for making you come to dinner.

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