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are you there Spring, it’s me Blahblahblah….

March 17, 2014

Nitrogen is very difficult for plants to “fix” out of the soil hence you buy plant food with nitrogen in it to promote greenery. There are two ways nitrogen becomes more bio-available to plants-lightening and snow. I am expecting a lovely spring filled with amazingly blooming fantastic plants, dry enough days with lots of sunshine and warmth. I anticipate a long slow summer with fire flies, baby foxes in the field, bunnies, the cardinals nesting in our forsythia bush again and the bright light of the star the sun beating down on my shoulders and warming me to my core.

If that doesn’t happen motherfuckers I am going to be wicked damn cranky because all this snow is total bullshit. My children have had 9!!!!!!! snow days this year. 9!!!!!!!!!! We live in the mid-atlantic area of the US and our particular state does NOT do well with snow. I am over it. Too much fucking snow and it needs to stop.

It is officially spring in a couple of days and winter will need to take notice and step the fuck down. Put away your polar vortex, cloud cover filled with moisture and freezing wind. WE ARE DONE. Consider this your notice, this is going in your permanent file WINTER, you boring and annoying stupoopid fucking weather system /season.

Fuck you and the cycle you rode in on.

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