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The new phone books are here! Snap, I mean the new school year is here

August 24, 2013

I am excited that school is starting. I am excited for weekdays off from work without someone asking me, “What are we doing today? Can I have some ice cream, for breakfast?” and then followed by, “Oh WOW, this should be really sucky. Awesome.” or “Can my (insert any number of girl’s names here) spend the night?” OR “But why do we have to go to the grocery store, AGAIN? OMG, we were just there 3 days ago!!” OR, “She/He won’t let me watch what I want on TV so I want to watch TV NOW!” OR, “I don’t have to take  a shower, I was just in the pool!” OR, “Yes, I brushed my teeth.” OR, “It’s summer, why do I have to go to bed?”

The answers to all those questions are mostly “GOOD GRAVY CHILD!” 

I love summer. I love seeing them all the time, having adventures, watching them have fun, getting bigger, learning new things, testing their strengths, seeing family, going on vacation, letting them hang with their friends and sleeping in. I love the idea there is no agenda except for much of the summer that our oldest had math homework everyday for 6 weeks! I love seeing so much of their little bodies as modesty for the most part (thank sweet buttery jesus because our oldest is 12 1/2 and is attacking puberty with the force of a jedi) has set in as they run around the pool and on the beach. I love their sleepy warm soft faces in the morning. I love walking the dog with them in our pajamas. I love playing games and cooking together. I love that we collect caterpillars and raise them to butterflies and set them free and even though we do it all the time they humor me and act excited for the most part. I love the sun sets later and makes me feel like we have more time together, before they get too old to want to hang out with me, before they have complete other lives of which I am only an ancillary character. 

All this love doesn’t keep me from feeling so frustrated by their ridiculousness that I wish they would just fall silent, mute, immobile and unwanting for a little while. 

But now, school is here, another year to be raced through with wild abandon. Boobs will begin to grow, voices will grow deeper still, shoes will be outgrown, pants will become too short, ridiculous eating will continue along with more sleeping and hopefully there will still be kisses, hugs and secrets shared while holding my hand. 

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