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Armpit hair, sass-talk, eye-rolling and smelly feet

June 7, 2013

Suddenly the earth shifted under my feet and bang! when I got my bearings again my children were not little kids any longer. Well, the Chica is still a little kid in many ways-as in ‘if you have to sleep in my bed after watching Dr. Who then you are still little and no you can’t wear lipstick to school.’ But the boy, my lord, the boy-my Spawn has armpit hair, a deep voice and feet that smell like dead feral animals. He has gotten the boy version of his period over this first year of middle school and it’s decidedly weird. His voice freaks me out the most. I am always answering him in this faux deep voice which he pretends to hate but secretly loves because he is changing and moving forward which is exciting to him. He has grown 5 inches this past year. And he is growing out his hair and looks like Leif Garrett (holla if you know who that is -as in when he was on the cover of Teen Beat) and likes to dress cute.

Getting ready for his awards ceremony he must have changed his shirt and outfit 3 times and was having a total hissy fit over it. He looked so handsome it was kooky. He has zits occasionally. He still smells good to me and will generously hug and kiss me whenever I want and never makes an icky face. I have been preparing for him to be a dick or start to be a real dick but it just hasn’t happened yet.

I think and fear the girl will pick up the slack on that though. She already looses privileges like mad for sass-talk and back-talk and ignoring what I ask her to do. And says “IKNOWIKNOWINOW! ” all. the. time. Like, omg.

Chica uses this baby voice to talk to us when she is nervous or feeling embarrassed or proud or silly or is just breathing and it makes me want to slap her. I hate it. It’s not like I want to force her to grow up but LAWS, not the baby voice. Now with more baby-talk too. LAWS. LAWS the girl is work. So. much. work. She is constantly asking for things. Constantly and the more you give her the more she wants. Which conversely makes us not want to give her anything as we are almost exhausted from her wanting.

They are changing so fast but still are the same people just more distilled, more concentrated and more apparent. There isn’t so much developmental physical stuff getting in the way of the meat of it all, the growing up, the maturation of them as people. They are, just like actual people which is weirder still as it seems that I made them out of thin air inside my stomach.

It  is just exactly like magic and like illusions, I will never really understand.

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