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I hate you

May 20, 2013

Recently there has been a rash of other parents stating their kids have whipped out the “I HATE YOU” at them. Curiously I wonder what that would be like. I surely said it enough when I was a wee one, a teenage one and silently to myself as an adult toward my parents.

I wondered why it hasn’t happened yet so I thought that I would ask my darlin Chica. Her response was immediate and incredulous. I asked her if she thinks she would ever say she hates me or Daddy. Her blue eyes wide, she stopped and turned around and looked at me and said, “GOSH, no. I mean, no, that would be , wow, I don’t know, really mean, right?” (she is a closet Valley Girl) She goes on to say, “I mean, sure I will be mad , I have been mad at you but I would just tell you my feelings like ‘you are really making me upset, I feel so mad, I don’t like that or what you did but I would NEVER say that. I don’t even want to say it now. I would never say that to you. That’s just, HUH, horrible. Gosh. ”

I want that printed in duplicate and notarized immediately. I might even get it tattooed  on her forehead so she won’t forget.

Sometimes I really want her to grow up already and sometimes I don’t.

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