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Like a bad broadway musical

May 6, 2013

Watching reruns of The West Wing on netflix has got me hankering for Kristen Chenowith to BUST out into song every episode she is on. I imagine my life as a musical and she would star because I am that short, petite and blond with a terrific singing voice. I could be on Broadway.

Not really, at all really in any way.

The first act would open with a nearly naked girl clutching some scraps of orange clothing and a small towel that could be a dishcloth. Her bare feet on the tile floor are illuminated by the spot light as the background fades to darkness and the song begins….

(send in the clowns)

Baby cried the first day she was nude

She didn’t want to take off her underpants

She didn’t want to see anyone else whoo-haaaa

Because Baby, is a huge baby, can’t you seeeeee?


Keep it in your pants

Learn how to hide your cra-ack

…..spotlight fades and the locker room is lit and you can hear the squeak squeak of wet feet on tile.

Exit stage left

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