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Its your birthday song, it isn’t very long

March 23, 2013

It arrives every year, that meaningless date of your birthday. I loathe my birthday. I loathe everything about it. It makes me miss my mom so much because I would not have a birthday if it weren’t for her. I miss her terribly and just try not to think about it much because it is painful and sad and hollow and terrible and I have this great life I try hard to focus on but then WHAMO. Birthday.

I hate all the singing that goes along with it. Mostly because people sing AT YOU. I don’t like that. Having people sing happy birthday to me is like seeing people in plushy costumes-yick.

I hate people buying me presents and I don’t get to get other people anything.

I like cake.

I miss my mom. And my grandmother. I mostly miss people who are related to me and have known me forever caring that I lived another year.

SO dramatic, right? Sheesh.

I make myself nauseous. Really, I do.

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