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Like anvil

February 17, 2013

I forget sometimes, all caught up in raising small children and being in the moment that one day, sometime not too horribly far away, our children will be adults and we will have adult relationships. That seems crazy to me as our youngest Chica snuggled with us last night coughing and nursing a severely sprained finger splinted and Tylenol not cutting it that she will be an adult who will most likely have this amazing life she will tell me about in details that make me worry. Spawn will be a man who seems crazy and some girl will adore him. Already it has started with Spawn. He got a box of chocolates from a girl on Valentines day and he got her one too. Luckily for me when asked if he had a girlfriend he said plainly, NO I don’t want one.


Chica was pretty torked up about the chocolate giving and stated “I don’t think I am ready for Brother to have a girlfriend.” I am sure she is still thinking he belongs to her and likes it just fine that way. She may have to settle for less admirers reduced to her Dad and Uncle only,

I just love them so much despite the constant annoyance at  how they say what they say to me and all the complaining and moaning and fighting and forgetting and bad feelings. I love them so much, it doesn’t seem rational.

Like an anvil on the top of my head -I am not just their mother but A mother. They do not simply belong to me, but more importantly, I belong to them.

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