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Just like that

February 7, 2013

If you are very fortunate you meet someone who is the other piece, the person who understands you with no effort and not with blind acceptance but with knowledge of your limitations and strengths and loves you not despite them but just loves you.

The overhead fluorescent lights reflected off the yellow formica tables and the tin ashtrays black with cigarette soot could spin easily on the table top if you were want to do so. An asymmetrical permed blond tall girl sat without food and with cigarettes so I asked her if she was in my English class and if I could sit down. She was super cool and pretty with awesome clothes and jewelry. We chatted about how much we hated drivers ed and how nervous we were to drive and instantly became friends. Obnoxiously singing Beatles songs in the back of the class, rolling our eyes at the crash and burn scare movies they show you and then trying to spend every single second together.

I liked her a lot, immediately even because she didn’t travel in the same circles as I did. She knew different friends. Our friends never really came together and we made our own separate posse of older boys who ruled our lives for at least a few years.

No matter how much time passes, how grown up our lives appear, I still feel like the silly school girl hoping for acceptance in the fast food restaurant during our break in drivers ed and lucky to have found that person, whom I will love forever.

I love you Tracyann. xxx

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