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I quit

January 2, 2013

It’s all just too hard. My life. It’s just really really hard and I am really really lazy. The children are driving me crazy and when I say children you have to imagine I am saying it like you would say tape worm if you saw one coming out of someones mouth or butt. They are just exhausting. Between all their homework I have to keep up with, the horrid messes they make every where all the fucking time, all the meals-I mean really, DINNER-again?

I can’t figure out what to do to make them happy people, have lots of friends, get their shit done and not get on my every single nerve so that I just want to disappear.

Sometimes I think the key to happiness in parenting is to not really give a shit. Don’t do anything and just let them do what they want. So then I do what I want, right? BUT then they do shitty things like break a window at a party, act like an asshole about it, fight with their friend they brought along, act all petulant and poopy.


My new years resolution is figure out a way to not give a shit, help them manage their own lives and have more regular bowels. I blame my current constipation on the children’s behavior directly.

If we were gerbils, I could just eat them and start all over again.

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