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December 16, 2012

Horrific events rarely make sense. Even in the context of suitably violent and predictable situations like war, storms and political upheavals it is difficult to fathom how and why something terrible happens. I have been watching the shaky hand-held live action filming from Syria and am blown away by bodies everywhere, bleeding, children dead, buildings collapsed, infrastructure reduced to rubble and it’s just as hard to understand that tragedy as it is to comprehend the violent murder of 27 individuals and one suicide.

I feel frustrated by the articles of speculation that have come out about what might have motivated Adam Lanza to murder his mother with her own guns and then go to a local school and murder 26 people in a matter of minutes. The theories regarding his odd nature, his distance from friends and family, his homeschooling for poorly defined rationals even according to his family, didn’t invest time in social media and had few friends. As if listing these qualities somehow helps to organize this event in tangible bites.

Sane people don’t do this kind of thing. Good people don’t murder innocent humans. People with stable mental and emotional health don’t with purpose murder children. Of course he was probably mentally disturbed-is it really a stretch to say that? There are millions of Americans for whom mental illness is something they live with everyday to varying degrees of disability and THEY DON’T MURDER ANYONE.

Mental illness does not make you a dangerous criminal. Mental illness is poorly managed because so much of the focus is on pills and medication and insurance plans leave little for talk therapy, group therapy and hospital stays in patient as people need them. Unfortunately, when you are an adult you can make bad choices for yourself and not take your medicine or see  a mental health professional. Unless you are a danger to yourself or others you are allowed the same freedoms to choose poorly as a diabetic eating candy and Twinkies and fried chicken can ignore diet and medication recommendations to mange their illness.

This happened so easily because Adam Lanza’s mother had many guns in her home. Adam Lanza, for reasons that really don’t matter because what is done is done-I mean really-What kind of reason could he have to do this unbearable act that would satisfy you and offer some kind of closure?

Regardless of his mental illness he was a terrible person. A terrible person who when compelled to do evil things had ready and easy access to weapons to assist him in his desire. Guns are the problem. All over this country. Most people buy guns and keep them in their homes to protect themselves and I wonder why it never crossed Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy that her  son could take her guns and shoot her and kill her? It’s always a possibility. Guns in the home often lead to accidents and intentional violence. Everyday someone is killed by a gun, every hour.

The NRA is a lobby that promotes the interest of gun manufacturers. Plain and simple. They are a capitalistic organization determined to make as much money as they can using the 2nd amendment to further their cause in a constitutional slant. They claim to be for the people, for the gun “enthusiast” , for the gun owner. The NRA blog is full of attention grabbing information on all manner of guns and weapons. I know they support that legal gun owners are not the problem. I beg to differ as do the 26 people who were murdered by a man whose mother chose to legally own high-powered guns in her home and allow her son access to them. The NRA acts like baby food manufacturers. Gerber and others like them fill their commercials with how wholesome and safe and sanitary their food is, how its good for your baby all the while completely not telling you that you are buying a convenience  food. The baby food people want you to wholly believe that you HAVE to feed your baby their food so you know how much they are getting, giving them the right portion size, it’s the right consistency so your baby doesn’t die, from food. Its food, not poison. It’s convenient to open a jar and feed it to your kid just like its easy to go through a drive up window and feed everyone processed food in disposable containers versus shopping, cooking and cleaning dishes. The NRA is just like baby food makers. The NRA wants  you to believe they are there for you, defending your second amendment rights, protecting legal law-abiding citizen’s rights to own guns and securing your freedom to own whatever kind of weapon you want because it’s in the constitution dammit. The NRA is THE MOST POWERFUL lobby in the country. They will protect that interest so they can continue to make money for gun manufacturers. Yes, they work for gun makers, not citizens. What the NRA is selling, promoting and lobbying for, is baby food. What their product is-is poison. A poison so strong that it can kill 26 people in minutes. But what the NRA wants you to believe is their guns are baby food. Good for you, harmless, actually better for you than you realize.

It’s a sham.

Its total bullshit.

Just like trying to make sense of this horrible persons actions. If we just had adequate mental health services, if we only had more interventions for kids, if schools were more empowered to assist families…all bullshit. You can do all of these things, things we need done but NOT because we want to prevent murder. You actually have to remove the weapons from the equation. Terrible people will find a way, just like in China on the same day as the murders in CT. But that horrible person had a knife and everyone lived.

It’s not just baby food and crazy people no one wants to help.

Its guns. GUNS are the problem.

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