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December 15, 2012

You don’t want to seem indelicate. It seems rude almost to say, my close family friends were murdered. I think people would prefer I say KILLED. Its accurate and not so terrible sounding. There is something wrong with our hearts when we can’t call something what it actually is.

Gail, David, Megan and Brandon were murdered by their ex husband/father. Murdered. Not just killed. He murdered them with a rifle. First he murdered his ex-wife in front of their children and then he murdered each one of the children. With a rifle he murdered them.

Yes, they were killed. Yes, he was the “shooter”. Yes, he shot them to death.

In the end, what he actually did was murder them. It was cold, heartless and terrible. People ask me, as though there might be some kind of good reason for it-any reason at all as you try to make sense of something senseless. It shocks people when I tell them he was just a horrible person. I am sure he was mentally ill. There are lots of people who suffer from and live with mental illness everyday and they don’t murder people, are not a danger to themselves or society. Yes, he took drugs but drug addicts usually are quiet happy killing themselves slowly to actively seek out people to murder. Not that crazy, drug addicted people don’t do some horrid stuff-they do. BUT that is not a reason to murder anyone.

Gail and her ex husband had major issues with domestic violence. He was violent, she found the courage to leave him finally and then he murdered her. She didn’t do anything to make him violent. He was a horrible person who reacted with violence to most circumstances within their marriage. She didn’t do anything to him to make him violent towards her. Even if she did, even if she was the most off the wall crazy bitch that has ever taken a breath-still, no matter what, that is not a reason to murder someone.

Today, such a violent thing happened. Terrible to think of, shattering to imagine. 20 children and 6 adults in a school were murdered in just a few minutes. Guns, legally obtained or not, kill people everyday.

The cost of not knowing which terrible person will commit an act of fatal proportions as you try to abide by the 2nd amendment laws to allow citizens to legally purchase and own firearms is too high.

Those children were murdered. Those families lives are genetically altered by this violence forever changed. We need to not worry about how it sounds because it might sound too terrible to say murder. It might sound too violent and scary.

Gun violence is scary. Its horrific. It shouldn’t be unspeakable.

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