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Act surprised. Walk slowly to the podium. Be modest. Thank them for this incredible honor.

November 6, 2012

Tomorrow is Election Day. Every vote counts. Well, not every vote because my state only gets 10 actual votes toward the president even if the majority of the country votes for the candidate I chose. It’s not as bad as Hawaii because they only get 4 votes and they have 8 islands and a bunch of atolls. But California gets 55 votes and Florida 29. Go out and vote because every vote counts because you get a little sticker that says you voted.

Wait. I thought we lived in democracy because that’s what the politicians keep blabbering on about when they tell the country they have spent billions of dollars to go make some other country a democracy like us.

Crap, wait. We are a republic. So we elect officials that make our laws and govern our society. So wait, what does my vote count for?

In 1824, 1876, 1888 and 2000 the candidate who won the popular vote did not win the election because they failed to receive enough electoral college votes. AND there are many states that do not have a state law requiring the electoral college to vote with the popular vote in their state. Most do.

The Huffington Post has some predictions about the electoral college and they are predicting President Obama to win.

Whew. So wait, does my vote count?

My state always goes for the Democrat (I keep typing and correcting Democrat because I keep typing DEMONCRAT. ha) candidate and so that’s sewn up for me. I have always voted straight Green Party for every election until 2008 and I voted for President Obama. I think its sad we have such an assine duo of people to choose from really and what our country needs is a strong 3rd party. I don’t know if I will ever see that in my life time. That would be something worth living forever for.

My state is voting on some really important ballot questions this election. The one I feel most passionately about is Question 6. It supports the civil right for gay marriage. This whole separate but equal bullshit is bullshit. Domestic partners are crap.Not the couple but the phrasing. Either you are married under the law or you are shacking up together. Both I think are just fine but our government wants to afford rights to only those couples who are legally married. I am so proud of my state for the many PSA’s rregarding question 6. So my vote counts for something this election.

Please vote tomorrow. I will think you are a giant jackwagon if you vote for Romney but at least you voted. Pay attention to the ballot questions, state referendums and bond issues. Vote for your local judges. Be a part of it all because we are all in it together, us and the electoral college.

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