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Dear Mr. President

October 4, 2012
Mr. President
I was so disappointed last night watching the debate. I am a RN at Johns Hopkins Hospital and had a terribly stressful day at work but was looking forward to coming home and being inspired by your arguments but I was not. I believe that you inherited a huge debt, a senseless war that is costing our country millions in dollars and thousands in lives, an economic crash brought about by corporate greed and bank failures that have further divided the haves and the have nots in our country. When I voted for you in 2008-the first time I have not voted straight green party in my life-I felt that you could bring about positive change. I thought I would be inspired by your conviction and hoped that your experience as a teacher would aide your efforts to guide our nation into a new found prosperity, peacefulness, tolerance and health.
I believe in so many ideals that you support Mr. President and I admire your family commitment, your obvious devotion to your wife and children and I believe that you are sincere in your love of the American people. I want you-no, need you to act more like it. I understand you are struggling against a congress that is conservative and are trying to manage winding down a war that you didn’t start and has harmed so many people all over the world but you need to say the hard things that people want you to say. I need you to stand up to the conservative Republicans who say they want less government but want to create laws that involve my uterus. I need you to stand up for all Americans-Gay, Transgendered,Lesbian because all Americans deserve the same equal treatment-repealing DADT is a step but its only the beginning of the journey we must embark to unify our country. I need you to continue to fight for teachers and public education so that our children and future generations can prosper.
Frankly Mr. President I need you to stand up, say what needs to be said and then do it. This is not the time to walk the fine line of diplomacy. I feel like you are suppose to be fighting for my life and the lives of all Americans. That kind of fight deserves some passion and not politeness. It does not show your strength when you show restraint-it makes me fear you are afraid of being the man, the President I voted for in 2008.
You have my vote this election Mr. President but this year its not because I am completely committed to you but because I believe your opponent Governor Romney would be dangerous to our country.
Working at an inner city hospital that is internationally known brings a strange mix of patients and this election has made me more committed to the idea that all of us, all Americans, deserve equal rights, equal health care, equal education.
Please, Mr. President display the passion I know you must feel for the American people. We need you.
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