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End scene

September 17, 2012

Too much Mama duty this weekend. So much whining. So much complaining in all that cool pre-autumn sunshine. I enjoyed children that were not mine. We watched a retro family movie-CLUE- and spent the rest of the weekend pretending to kill each other with a candlestick in the kitchen. Oh wait, that was just me.

Even snowballs illicted complaining hours after the blue dye had faded from the tongue and the sugar high had fallen.

There was too much math homework with fractions which are invented by a cocksucking devil demon.

And my spouse has lyme disease.

Newly diagnosed.

“JUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.” Is it weird that I would like to everyone to shut the doors and drawers in the kitchen? Its like living with that asshole ghost in The Sixth Sense. Except they are not scary just annoying.

(Mama pulls out hair, stabs self in eye, rolls back over and goes to sleep)

end scene.

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