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Just add water

August 19, 2012

The world is amazing and no one notices, it seems like no one cares. Everything is amazing. Sometimes its annoying, sticky, heavy, expensive, smelly or confusing but the world is always amazing.

My children Spawn and Chica are truly almost like people now. The boy especially. Spawn is all broad shoulders, blackened hobbit feet and morning woody. He is still affectionate, at times very thoughtful and still loves and protects his sister as fiercely as he did as when she was just a delicate flower. Spawn actually injures me now when we rough house and I have to be careful I don’t get a bloody nose or a dang big bruise on my leg from his karate kicks. Although he is small for his age he seems absolutely enormous compared to his 2lb 14 oz bornness. There is nothing small about his big smart brain that uses the occasional swear word in correct context, reads on a college level and can remember anything he reads so while we are looking at some weird frog in the woods he can tell us at what point in the life cycle he is most likely to be consumed. Or how he could build it out of Legos.

The sister, Sister, our darling Chica is blond and in constant motion although sadly its usually to shake her booty and lipsynch all the inappropriate lyrics to Katy Perry or Lady Gaga while bemoaning how loose her pants are and that I never paint her nails. If you thought that last run-on sentence was exhausting to read  you have a small glimpse into what its like to live with Chica. Exhausting. She is a never-ending stream of CanICanI or IwantIwantIwant or WHYnotWHYnot-in between applications of lip gloss. While she is exasperating and her endless questions and argumentation over the minutiae of every single thing that could possibly be negotiated makes me want to injure her most days it does make me also wonder with hope that this endlessness she possess will carry her though the rough life she may lead from time to time. Chica has an intense inner strength that is scary and unfamiliar. She is on the swim team and watching her crouch on the platform and admiring her laser  precision and determination. It’s so apparent that at a swim meet this summer a dad friend and I looked on as she mounted her platform and he leaned in to whisper to me “She is fierce, just look at her?” . He was right. Blond, blue-eyed, cutest fuzzy peach hiney and constantly singing some insipid pop song she is completely girly with this inner steel strength of crazy focus and verve.

I feed them, give them water, make them sleep and bathe. They grow and change in ways I hope for and dread. They are completely amazing and I am not grateful enough for them. Too often I am irritated by their immaturity and lack of skill. Frustrated by their lack of self-control and absent delay of gratification. Exhausted by their endless requests, demands, explanations and attention seeking behaviors that I just want to eat them and start all over like gerbils.

But mostly, I am amazed. Like today as our monarch caterpillar pupate and emerged, dried her wings on my chin and then our dog wood tree and flew away. I watch my blond beauties laugh and spin around in the sunshine squinting to gaze at Jane -our new butterfly stretching her wings in the mid August sunshine-school starting right around the corner and a camping vacation before us and thank sweet buttery jebus that I have them because everything is amazing.


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