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lost time

July 25, 2012

Photographs have a way of putting so many things into perspective. I have run across a few lately that have blown my tiny brain. My husband and I are not tech savvy-as in -thank gosh we have a mac cause if not we could never do anything with technology-AND we downloaded some pictures off his phone.

A particularly ordinary one is of our son last year at a random swim meet. His body at 10ish had taken on this weird shape that I noticed but did not fully appreciate until last night staring at it. Our son, born too soon and too small (2lbs 14 oz , 15 inches long and about 2 months early with IUGR) had always been small, scrawny, skinny and his lips turned blue and his teeth chattered in the pool because he was just too skinny. At 10ish in the spring-summer he morphed into this slightly pudgy bellied stocky plump faced boy. Well, plump for him. Really, a bit pudgy by anyones means. You could only see it in his swim trunks and it really stood out wearing his ultra tight bike short style meet suit. He was finally changing shape. Morphing into a young man. He had developed some modesty (thank sweet buttery jesus) and had become underwhelmed and unimpressed by everything but he still hugged and kissed me sweetly so I don’t mind so much the complaining and eyerolling snarky shit. Girls are so easy. I forgive him most because he still kisses me and hangs all over me.

I know he is such a boy, will grow to be such a man.

My first glimpse came recently when he came running in from our garden and said,

“Ma, you gotta see the zucchini! Its huge!!!!”

“Really buddy how big is it?” I ask, wondering if the recent rain and then sun has made them all bolt up.

Spawn shows me how big with his hands, “Like this big” His hands are like this:

(                                                                                       )

I say, “Go on and snap it off then, I will put it in the stew.” He scampers off and comes back with the zucchini and it’s actually the size of this:

(                                          )

Such a boy.

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