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Oh the places you will go

June 18, 2012

Lately I want to call out of work everyday. Seriously, I contemplate it and wrestle with the idea that after a certain amount ( I am dangerously close to it!) I will get a hand slap and I don’t like being in trouble. But it feels so hard to go everyday and I can’t decide if I need a vacation or just something else to do.

I should enjoy the fact that it feels pretty easy and most days I am busy but totally managing it just fine and feel pretty on top of things. Patsmyselfontheback.

But that is boring? I have been so use the the constant adrenaline of not knowing what the fuck I am doing and just trying to keep up with everything I had no time to be bored because I was just trying not to loose my mind.

I have a good two week vacation from work coming up in July and I am looking forward to it like crazy. Cape Cod, swimming, family, sunshine, dune grass, sand, wet dogs, fudge, clam chowder and time to spend just doing fun stuff everyday.

I hope its enough.

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