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Want to come up an see my etchings?

June 2, 2012

Yes. I fell for that but it was sincere and not some come-on line. On the way up the steep wooden stairs he looks stricken and says smacking his forehead, “I forgot. We don’t have electricity…” I look at him confused because I thought we were going to make out and we don’t need electricity for that. He continues, “I have a flashlight!”. He smiles at me like a game show host that I come to know well-that teeth clamped together bared like fangs which pops up in various family members highlighted in serious pictures.

We walk around with a flashlight looking at his paintings which are cool and he is awkward talking about them which never changes. Sitting on the couch in the dark we begin a conversation that will last 20 years.

Our first date is an arty Jim Jarmusch movie that is romantic and thoughtful “A Night On Earth” on June 8th. We move in together for his final year at school. We watch all of his films in that little two bedroom apartment in Boston, eating homemade meals, original Boston Kitchen food that use to be delicious and listening to music while his paintings covered the apartment. We agree on six months, which is completely my idea and he seems confused by that-agreeing to a commitment in increments of time.

Six months come and go. More time passes until its 20 years since our first official date, the same day we married but that’s just a piece of paper.

For better or worse, in sickness and health, til death us do part.

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