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Its your birthday song, it isn’t very long!

March 8, 2012

While so much time has passed and we have watched or rather overlooked our youth sliding out from underneath us in an avalanche of time, children, houses, car repairs, dirty floors, vacations, bills to pay, hugs, kisses, sex, swimming, tents, mosquito bites, vomit, doctor visits, death, depression, isolation, fighting, vomit, dirty kleenexes, support, cheering, graduations, openings, parties, meals and friendship I am thankful that my time has been spent with you.

For better or for worse we may not, well, most assuredly are not perfect or really even close but we are still together when others around us have cut and run, bailed, left or forgotten what it could mean to try to spend your life together.

I am grateful to have not spent a lifetime attempting to create a life but to be enjoying it, living it, trudging through it, reveling in it and yes, at times cursing this life I have with you.

All the time before when you were a boy and I thought you were a man because I thought myself a woman instead of a girl. Now, 20 years later, I see that you are a man-not one before but having become one as a husband, father, artist, friend and amazing person who simultaneously irritates the shit out of me and forces me helpless to love him whether I like it or not.

Mostly I like it.

Happy Birthday friend, husband, partner in crime, co-parent and survivor of this world where sticking it out seems weird. I am glad to be weird with you.

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