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Like a cute fuzzy bunny

January 9, 2012

Sometimes you just can’t believe it-is it a product of 1950’s stringent, austere and ritualist parenting; a result of the encouragement of free love, do your own thing and isn’t it all groovy in the 1960’s or could be 1950+1960=1970-drugs, tight pants and sex on ludes? This strange brew did some weird things to the adults who raised Generation X. I am not aware of a parent of one of my friends who isn’t mostly, partly or largely a selfish, foolish, poor planner self-centered on only what is good for them. Most situations render them helpless defensive children who can’t put 2 and 2 together to make 4. It’s always a negative number.

That phrase “you were raised by wolves” would be a relief if applied to my parents. Wolves have tight communities, set hierarchy’s, loyalty to one another, a community set on protection and providing for the offspring. Wolves would be nice. They have rituals of greeting, eating, sleeping and communication. It’s an ordered society living with wolves-you know where you stand even though they look ferocious and snarl and bark and howl-they are a tight band knit together against all others who are either dinner or an enemy.

Bunny’s on the other hand-totally different story. They make an adorable nest out of fluffy downy fur plucked from their very own bellies, have their tiny helpless mostly hairless babies and for 25 days they spend about 2 minutes each day with them feeding them and then they are on their own. Forever. They move on and have other babies and the cycle starts all over again. No ties to them as they raise their own families. Nothing.

They build a nest in another hollow log, underneath a grass pile behind the shed or under a bush.

Some parents are cute fuzzy bunny’s.

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