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“If you keep moaning like that I won’t massage your sore shoulder any more…” and other things I have to say at work

September 19, 2011

Hospitals are scary, boring and smell bad so you know -I get it. Its hard to be on your best behavior especially when you have a head injury or you usually take  a lot of drugs when you are feeling just fine to feel extra super fne and then you have  a paper cut its awful so when you are all broken with a head injury it makes it even harder. 12 1/2 hrs to listen to cuss words and stupid sexual innuendos is a long-assed time.

I feel bad for you since you are in four point restraints since you successfully are a danger to yourself and others but we want  you to heal! Despite the fact that your injury has most likely made you a permanent asshole. I am empathetic since I am still recovering from a concussion myself-two months later and my head still hurts and the bump is still there.

It must suck to not be able to move freely in the bed and I worry about circulation and pressure sores developing and whether or not you are comfortable.  I worry for you when you are calling out for someone to help you.

But, then, well, you keep calling me an asshole and asking me if I fuck my husband and what his name is and where he went to school and that you bet he is a coach you had once and where is your buffalo and he is a nice buffalo and that I would like him and that you bet I like a lot of things and if I am American and what country I am from….YIKES.

Shutthefuckup dude.

Your shoulder, your shoulder it hurts ouch ouch ouch you yell at us-your Sitter and I. I offer to massage it and you won’t stop moaning and saying and creepy shit so I tell you to zip it or I will stop. You continue and start to pant. I heard you were jerking off with your foley yesterday and am thankful for the mitts on your hands and the restraints cause I think you would certainly punch me after trying to grab my crotch. You keep moaning but I feel badly that your shoulder hurts. I can only stand so much of it. I tell you to be quiet and not say anything and you don’t or can’t or won’t.

I leave. Shake my head and wonder other than prisons-what other jobs do you have to put up with so much rude and gross crap?

I do not make enough money.

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