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Things I am sick to death of saying/hearing

May 1, 2011


1. Stop talking and eat your dinner

2. Stop crying

3. Wipe yourself after you go to the bathroom

4. Put your shoes on

5. Pick up your coat

6. Empty the dishwasher

7. Do your homework

8. Chew with your mouth closed

9. Put your clothes away

10. Pick up your dirty clothes

11. Flush the toilet after you take  a shit

12. Flush the toilet after you pee

13. Close your door so the cats dont’ pee in your room

14. Turn off the TV

15. Stop arguing


1. I AM!

2. I’M NOT!

3. PLEASE!!!!!

4. I didn’t

5. I can’t

6. I threw up

7. I spilled it

8. I broke it


10. FINE!

11. Dang it

12. Can I ?

13. But she/he

14. But I’m not tired

15. He/she told me to

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  1. gina permalink
    May 7, 2011 4:24 pm

    here is my favorite (from Life with El Dramatico):

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