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What I might have swallowed

March 13, 2011

Today. At work. After situating my patient in her bed, I brushed some dried skin out from under her legs and feet. About 20 minutes later, sweating inside my gown and gloves as this patient is on isolation for VRE in her rectum and I lick my lips and sweep something small off the corner of my lip.

After I have already licked it into my mouth on my tongue I panic and think…did I just lick some bit of dried skin from my patient into my mouth.

There is no way to undo that lick and all day I have felt like I have something stuck in my throat. Convinced I also have undisclosed tonsiliths as my nose and back of my throat smell icky and I can feel things scraping around I am also now wondering if that bit of whatever I licked off my lip is also stuck. In the back of my throat.

If I wasn’t so hungry from not eating much today I would totally puke.

But, even smells are molecules so is dead dry skin going to kill me?

Gawd I hope not.

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