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Coffee Pot Kidneys

March 9, 2011

Driving my kids to school is usually an awesome time while we listen to NPR. Something usually interesting comes up to spur on conversation-usually between Chica and I as Spawn is entering that “I am entirely too flippin cool to talk to you this early in the morning and I don’t care what you are talking about…(insert eye roll)”. I love it. The other morning I was driving them and this cool story about a group of doctors who grew ureters for these boys in Mexico came on. Of course Chica asked, “whats a ureter?” So I thought about how to explain one of my most favorite organs of the human body.

So, listen up:

Your kidneys are like the filter in the coffee maker and inside of the kidneys are cells that secrete fluid when blood is circulated through the chambers like how hot water wets the coffee grounds and makes coffee. The filter strains out the grounds of coffee and the fluid flows out in a stream-the hole from the filter chamber to the pot is like your ureters that take the urine from the kidneys to your bladder. Your bladder is the like the pot. The pot fills up and if it becomes overfull it spills over-like when you pee your pants because your bladder gets too full of pee.

If we left the coffee just sit there in the pot, it would get all moldy and gross. If your pee sits in your bladder it gets infected and can make you sick. You need the ureters to take your pee from where your kidneys make it from the blood in your body (imagine your blood is the actual coffee) to your bladder so you can pee it out.

You can read about it here but I can’t find it on NPR, if you want to read about how they grew ureters for those boys. Its super cool.

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