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And you smell like one too

March 8, 2011

Today my husband is 41 years old. I am married to a 41 year old person. I myself will be 40 very soon. Like really soon. Super soon. Too soon, in fact.

That is really pretty old man, considering that our parents were just a tad older than this when we met. Our mothers were 46 and our dads 44. Thats like, um, not that much older than what we are right now. But our kids are just 10 and 7 because we were selfish and smart and traveled and slept in and got drunk and went to clubs and hung out in ponds on floats eating cherries for a really long time before we had kids.

And its also the new Kitten, Bacon’s birthday. Well, her name is Francis Bacon but we mostly call her Bacon or Small. And she is neither a fatty slice of salted pork belly or tiny.

SO, happy birthday to my old husband. I am grateful you can fix anything (whether you believe it or not), are such an amazing artist who inspires me everyday with your creativeness and passion for what you do, who is a great Daddy-O and am glad for what you are to me. For better or worse ( although I am sure we could both do without all the worse these last few years) and through it all, its another year. You made it and I am glad.

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