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For the love of Henry, a son

March 6, 2011

The last few weeks have seen another onslaught of celebrity downward spiral so massively reported upon that it infiltrates all avenues of media including NPR- of all places.  Charlie Sheen is everywhere and then something from a friend who linked this article on Babble blog on her FB page and it stopped me in my tracks of rubbernecking the tragedy of Charlie Sheen.

His parents, oh my goodness his distraught and lovingly helpless parents and family. How impossibly painful it would be to not only be personal witness to your darling son’s dance in the hell of addiction but to watch it on every single media venue almost constantly would be a pain most unbearable. In the age of global communication the knee-jerk reaction to tragedy is to supposedly shed light on the issue in the name of reporting “truth”. I have to say that it’s not really news that someone is helpless addicted to narcotics and a behaviors that may only mean his premature death resulting in the devastation of his children, family and friends. Just because Sheen is wealthy and a celebrity does not make his journey  a foregone conclusion nor does it make his journey one of ease if he were to only take advantage of the help available because he is rich and famous. Some aspects of his wealth could make his life easier if he were able and willing to accept help. Sheen is obviously not in that place and is in where many people who are addicted find themselves in. An addicted person many times is trapped inside the lies of their addiction, the pain of going without their drug of choice and the people around them who will make it easier to continue using the substance that is really killing them.

One of my greatest fears is that one of my children will become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Its my number one fear as the epidemic is so rampant with even more drugs available easily to children now than when I was a terrible teen using and abusing drugs. I can not imagine but have read about the heart-break of the Granju family as it relates to the struggle they have endured while their son Henry was alive and addicted and now in the horrific aftermath of his death.

After the death of Gail, David, Megan and Brandon I have some experience with how cruelly twisted the media can be when reporting something-especially something so sensationalistic. The Washington Post headline is “Pair clashed over custody” as though that is the ‘reason’ that David Brockdorf murdered his ex-wife and children in a parking lot on Thanksgiving 3 years ago. Its insulting to her and her children. There is never  a justified reason for that kind of violence.

Henry was badly beaten and then suffered  a drug overdose in the home of strangers to the Granju family and their son aspirated on vomit resulting an anoxic brain injury that would eventually lead to his death. His assault resulted in a MI from being struck in the chest repeatedl and  bleeding from his ears. Henry confessed of being beaten with a tire iron  a few short weeks before his suffered a severe decline in consciousness and then ultimately died from his massive brain injury.HIs parents want the police to investigate the assault and the people that were around Henry on the day of his death. The police in TN have mostly refused to examine the case further.

There are other facts to this case and I hope that after reading this and if you live in TN you will contact the district attorney and police department and demand that the allegations of Henry’s family be more responsibly examined. There is so much more to this story and its a crime. Not just a crime in the figurative sense that this amazingly loved and beautiful boy’s life was ended so prematurely due to drug abuse but actual crime that needs to be investigated and not forgotten simply because the victim is dead.

I am sorry Katie and Chris and I hope that the authorities of your state investigate and find the answers you deserve and so desperately need.

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