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New words in the old year

December 31, 2010

In the beginning (I really need to figure out how to have music with all my posts that just play and you dont’ have to click on and open a new box ) a blog is like a secret swimming hole full of mysterious fish, slippery bottom and long and winding path that you need someone to show you how to navigate the first few times you try to find it. Now, blogs are like that big pile of purses at the by-the-pound thrift store I adore; cute and needed at the time but easily discarded and among each other they lose their specialness.

I have been thinking a lot about words lately. How I use them, all these new ones in my daily vocabularly like AMBULATE, VOID, STOOL, INTAKE, THIRD SPACING, EDEMATOUS and 5TH DIGIT vs. pinky toe/finger. I have also been thinking a lot about words like fucker, cocksucker and cunt.

I can see how you don’t see the connection but it’s there. Trust me. Words obfuscate and clarify-if you already have the knowledge. It’s like a code or foreign language and their importance various between the listener and the speaker.

My most used words lately have been workity and drunkity. I prefer drunkity to workity in case you were wondering and my favorite swear word is cocksucker but I don’t think I have ever really used it.

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