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Entropy is winning

October 28, 2010

It slides down my face making by decolletage look all runny and loose. It pulls all the loose bits of stuff that actually has no home into my living room and forces me to look at and decide do I recycle it or throw it away? It wears down the soles of my shoes and makes my feet ache. It makes my children whine when I can’t stand it a second longer. It makes my body break down, betray me.  It lives in my basement and taunts my spouse to fill it and maybe it will stand erect. It lurks inside all the nooks and crannies disguised as treasure I can’t live without. It piles up inside my locker obscuring my stethoscope and pens. It lives in the bottom of my sock drawer only allowing single mates to surface forcing me to wear mismatched pairs. Its stuffed into the bottom of my bed next to discarded socks and underwear.

Tick, tick, tick, tick.


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