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back from the beginning

July 22, 2010

You don’t always get to revisit the place you began but for 8 days I did. Again. I revisit it every summer, during the time that I came alive and found myself, lost myself and found it all over again. I can go back to that place where I became an adult. It seems odd to come into that in a place so wanton for abandon of morals, time, responsiblity, reality and life as most others know it. But, back I go with the fruit of my loins while I watch them for moments of discovery of the place where I fell in love, fell in love with where I lived.

Low tide filled with offensive and seaful smells crawling with hermit crabs, silly and happy dogs rolling in dead fish, men in make up and fishnets, women pierced and inked within an inch of their lives, night sky filled with an a half empty moon reflected upon remnants of the ice age.

Lots of people say, “oh, you still look the same….I guess people don’t age in Maryland……where are the kids?…..are you back for the summer?”  So many people come back, it’s just one of those places that you return to out of need, want or habit. It’s a place with easy soil to dig in, set up camp and march along making a living.

Some things change while others remain the same. I love the big old Captains house with the giant lawn across the street that only contains a swing set, grass and deck chairs on a small deck overlooking one of the best natural harbors in the world. After all the townies cave and sell and move away that lawn and swing set remain-watchful over the water and skiffs.

The Paul Bowen sculpture in the front yard of folks I don’t know, the Jack Kearney goat with the tin can in its mouth-chained to the house, the big red house with the lawn that you can play croquet on, the flags hung from telephone poles, half-naked men tan and beautiful, flippers in the window glistening with sugar and grease, postcards everywhere, dogs licking the pavement in the hot hot sun.

We named hermit crabs, pet wet dogs that were cuter than they smelled, ate ice cream with most meals, drank a lot of beer and walked slowly watching the throng ebb and flow like the tide carrying out the whale watch boats.

It’s so normal here at home and I miss the strangeness that is familiar more than I realized.

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