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continually complicated creature

July 11, 2010

Wet and soapy smelling from a bath, standing in the hallway in her underwear her little Chica face is so sad and lonely and her dad says, “She took a nap when I had to give her a time out on her bed and when she woke up she said she was missing Jeanne.” I look at D and he looks at me and we look down at her.

“Aw, small kind hearted bunny. You were missing your grandma Jeanne? I miss her too. Maybe you are thinking about her because she visited you in your dreams.” Hopeless not knowing what to really say about that. I think to myself, shrugging, yes-I miss her too. I  miss her all the time.

Chica puts her small arms around my neck and I bend down, with my toothbrush in one hand and toothpaste smeared on my lip I kiss her cheek feeling her wet hair from the bath against my cheek. I kiss her neck and her face, “I am sorry sweetie. You know she would just eat you up, love the pieces out of you. Daddy knew her , right honey?” Daddy agrees and looks at his girl so sad.

“Maybe you are missing your Grammy in Cape Cod and you will be seeing her soon and she misses and loves you.” I say, not very convincingly.

Chica just stares at me and I put my arms around her and kiss her mostly, because what else is there to do?

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