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you’re a mean one, mrs. grinch

June 29, 2010

All day, all the time the constant drone of whining, complaining and asking for ridiculous shit at 0807am like , as I am walking down the stairs, “Can I have some gum?”. The answer is, NO, dingdingding-tell her what she’s won!

A day filled with yelling, bartering, talking, reasoning, more yelling, sitting on your bed, playing in your room, denial of all things fun, awesome things taken away, more yelling, bargaining, reasoning, stern declarations, more yelling while you cry, complain and then work yourself up so you vomit.

All because you are hungry and we gave you dinner. And want you to eat it. Within a reasonable time frame and yes, eating all your veggies.

It’s the same deal as it was two years ago, the same deal as it was 2 weeks ago so why, why OH WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THATS FUCKING HOLY, why are you so twisted up about it all of a sudden?

You want a power struggle? Okay, well, you won that today. But now I will be the calm still center of the universe and you can not ruffle me. Piss me off or bother me in any way.

I love you. Will always love you. But this, is my line in the sand and it’s me that can’t cross it, not you. Walk wherever you want, dance around if you feel like it and I promise to not freak out. As much. As often and with such ridiculousness.

I am the adult, right?

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