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Two bit player

June 23, 2010

I carry props, make costumes and shuffle scenery around. I have no union. I am also the audience. I must clap and admire and organize. I listen to long monologues that seem to go no where but must mean something deep and metaphorical like in “Waiting for Godot”. There are many costume changes and hairstyle changes.

I watch small noisy bunnies gesticulate and garrulously carry on about something that if I were actually paying attention might have a point. Or might not.

There is no purpose to the theater company that I work in, we are all in it for the story and how it goes along.

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  1. June 24, 2010 11:57 am

    Oh… there are moments when I long to also play at your theatre. The decision to not have children sometimes twinges me, when I read these posts, or spend a day with my niece. Ahhhhhhh. Deep sigh.

    • June 24, 2010 5:43 pm

      Dearest sweetie. Dont’ think there are times I wish I were single , unencumbered and free to spend my time, money and thoughts on something other than the never ending obligation that is my children. I feel burdened by the cycle of emotional shit I shall foist upon them that mother and father foisted upon me and so and so on.

      Deep sighs all around. Life is complicated and full of holes and we all spend every minute trying to fill them up with all kinds of stuff.


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