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Say that you love me

March 1, 2010

Hot and sweaty its a trek from the car to the pond and flying bugs buzz around at the new opportunity for lunch. Waving my hand around to clear my path of noseums I lose my balance, wobble on a loose rock and skip to catch my self from falling my sunglasses slide down my nose. Pushing past the thick brush at the edge of the pond and hanging the towel on the one nearest by I fling off my shoes and t-shirt and push down my skirt and walk quickly into the pond before I am drained of all bodily fluids. The sand underfoot is soft and warm slightly slimy with the decay of leaves from the fall before. Floating on my back my eyes close against the sun, black spots blink under my lids. Sinking under and breaking the surface again, wiping the water away from my eyes I smile and look at you before you even notice.

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