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Its not what you think

February 22, 2010

Rolling over in bed wishing the sheets were a little cleaner morning arrives whether you like it or not. Toes curl and the t-shirt you wore to bed is hiked up around your chest, pants legs pushed up above your ankles you stand up and your bed-clothes fall back into place while your feet find your slippers. Hair is greasy and askew pulling it off your face makes it smaller and slightly less offensive. Small bunnies kiss your cheeks and hug your neck pressing small faces against yours. Coffee, bagels, apples, oatmeal, Pokemon, can you write my name in cursive?, Garfield is so funny, put on your damn shoes and go find me some barrettes for your hair. The front door opens and the air blowing in from the outside is only slightly cooler than the temperature inside your house. The sun is up before 7am and while the sky is grey and thick oppressing some of the sunlight that must be in the sky somewhere you remember that spring will come, followed by summer.

Time marches on.

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