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January 30, 2010

Where do I hope to be in 2010? A nurse, a mother, a wife and friend. Healthy. Happy. And working to live not living to work while I watch Spawn and Chica blossom and grow. Spending more time with my husband of many years by then and watching D be the successful artist I know he can become.”

So , its 2010. I am still a wife, mother, friend and yes ladies and germs, a nurse. I am bored and reading my old entries having no idea why anyone reads my crap-I mean, come on-there is free porn on the web? Whatever.

That was two years ago and I can’t believe how much things have changed in my life and the lives of those close to me. I would loose an entire family to murder, see multiple friends go through divorces, see one parent bury their adult child who overdosed, graduate school and start working as a RN, meet and acquire new friends I now see I could not live without, make some brilliant and some stupid mistakes of my own that I do not care to share, one cat die, get a new kitten, dye my hair blond and back to brown again, start using wrinkle cream gawd help me, buy not one but two pairs of skinny jeans-the name it self is an oxymoron which I kinda of love, watch Spawn and Chicapoo grow up so much and loose most of myself with the fear that it all might be gone forever.

I will be 39 in two months exactly (jewelry is always a good gift, thanks for being so thoughtful) and I am too old to be young and too young to feel this old.

Have been so busy running the race that when I stopped and looked around I could not and can not believe this is where I am.

Where ever you turn around there is your life, right where you left.

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