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sliver moon

January 19, 2010

If I squint at the sliver moon it becomes all fuzzy and diffusely larger. Perspective and distance can change how you view things. Hold up my  hand to my right eye and the moon shifts to the other side. No matter how I look at it the moon still hangs in the sky stationary while we spin around and around.

The edge of winter slips slowly away allowing the sun to shine a bit longer each day like a promise. If I stand here, right here and wait for it summer will arrive. The act of waiting seems like a task I am able for and it feels productive although it is not. It’s like standing on those moving sidewalks in airports.

You appear to be going somewhere faster, more conveniently, with less effort but you arrive at the same place. The moon still hangs in the same sky growing larger and smaller at its own pace with indifference to your gaze.

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