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January 17, 2010

Clink of glass and swig of rum and more swig of rum and bite of cheese and rum and cheese and clinkity-clink-clink. Laughter, soft lighting, an occasion, perfumed necks and clean shirts. Snorts of laughter, derisive commentary, mocking in appreciation and more rum. Busy, busy, busy doing nothing at all. Washing dishes was lovely, warm and soapy with a result at the end. Scrub and scour and its prickly on my fingertips that are pruney and soft. Hot water scolding the back of my hand and it reminds me how nice a shower would be. Highly inappropriate to shower not in my own home, at 2am during a party but none the less it is my inclination at the time. More laughter, sweaty given up children to carry limp and leaden down stairs into the chilly air. Arewehomeyet, arewehomeyet, arewehomeyet? Discarded sweetly smelling sweater and high-heeled shoes to lay waste to sleep and dreams of the stuff that never happens.

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