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Am so glad you were born

October 17, 2009

….but really sad you are gone. Happy Birthday Mommie Dearest, her nickname for herself, not mine. I love the picture you let me take of you doing your Cousin It imitation, I love that you knew all the names of the flowers, I love that when I asked you how old I had to be to curse you told me 14 and I could only say shit damn and hell and not at you or Grammy, I love that you were a fab cook who hated to cook, I loved your hair so shiny and pretty, I envied your tiny body and did not realize until late in life it was the result of just never eating, I loved how you doodled when you were on the phone, I loved how you wrote my present lists and left them out in the open cause you could write in shorthand, I loved your sailor foul mouth, I was so proud of how you worked your way up through those corporate steps with only a high school diploma when you were just a secretary, I loved your laugh, You were always fun to shop with as long as it wasn’t vintage stuff, I loved that you thought I was wild and crazy, I loved that you loved me-Best of Everyone.

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  1. October 20, 2009 12:56 pm

    What an awesome tribute to your mom. My dad’s been gone almost 8 years and it still hurts like hell.

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