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August 12, 2009

The earth is always pushing us down, gravity and all, just doing its thing regardless of the will of others. Heat wraps around me and on me and almost like in me as I will never cool down. Cicadas and crickets frantically scratch out the last of their summer song while the trees stand still refusing to rustle. The wind begins suddenly and by the light of the back porch light I can see dry leaves lift up into the air and the tall grass and bendy branches whip about threatening to break free and fly. Thunder comes and lightening flashes as the rain pounds down sideways in the frenzy. I run outside and stand with my arms out, the wind and rain stinging my face and arms, skirt blown up, street light glaring at me with is wan yellow light. My eyes are closed and I smell summer and my own sweaty smell lift off my body and is carried out and away I stand in the shadow and light listening to the night.

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