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Because you are a star and can shine brightest by the ocean

August 6, 2009

Its foggy and I am damp, well, wet actually mostly on one side of my head from walking on the beach from the west end of town. I leave the beach to get home faster, Town Hall has dung 1 am and I might turn into a pumpkin, walking along Commercial street. Drunk people stand in line for greasy food that may thwart their hangovers in the morning so they can get up early and go to the beach to lay about naked on the Breakwater or on Longpoint beach. Drag queens linger over their following, fawning over one another, looking hot and sweaty and hawt and sweaty in tight sequined daisy duke shorts, red gingham shirts tied at the waist and white platform heels. Straight boys and girls, some who don’t really speak english but manage to make a living here anyway congregate around the Old Colony and Bradford. Walking past the shops I see a couple, a boy on a bike, a girl standing the shadow of a street lamp, talking closely and I hear the boy say as I pass, “you can come over if you want but I just want to go to sleep. I am so high.” She blushes and steps back forcing me to avoid her but crashing into the bushes. Behind me I hear bikes going fast, men laughing I hear one say, “His dick is huge, so he doesn’t really have to try very hard.” Closer I go into the East end of town, the part thats furtherest away from the ocean which confuses everyone because isn’t the Atlantic ocean on the east side of the USA? I see two older men sitting together holding hands on a bench while they talk to another friend who is talking about his lover being too busy in the city to come down this week. As I walk by I smell the men and they smell delicious. Turning the corner toward the playground on the East end I see two young girls standing waiting for the shuttle, kissing and hugging each other as though they are underwater and will expire if they don’t plaster their lips to each other.

My feet are sandy and damp and its late and my kids will be up at the crack of fucking chicken but its been a good night of fog and sand and the ebb and flow of people in Provincetown. Regardless of how the town changes the one thing that stays the same is that it is the one place on earth where I am reminded every moment that whatever you are, whatever you want to be, there is someone who will totally love that.

.…for Coceyea.

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  1. August 11, 2009 7:46 pm

    wow this is beautiful. thanks :-).

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