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run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run away

August 2, 2009

Its just more expensive with less ass-less chaps. But really, aren’t all chaps, by nature, ass-less? Little shocking left in broad daylight except that you hear a lot of foreign accents and people who smell like Euros and old money. There aren’t really any houses that need to be renovated and the houses that people have owned forever are now on the market. My favorite is the Masthead House with its yellow exterior and white windows and large front yard is waiting to say goodbye to dogs in the yard, music coming out of the open windows, cats sitting on the porch waiting for someone to come home and let them in out of the fog. Now some expensive dickhead will own the masthead, come down for weekends, may be 5 or 6 a year but will stay empty otherwise. George’s house is the same but worse with more junk piled high on the wraparound porch and while his neighbors consider it an eyesore and a dump it comforts me to know that a stronghold of crazy still prevails in Ptown and there are real people that live there.

The best things are still the same. The beach, low tide, hermit crabs, EIder ducks, small sailboats, coarse sand, sea weed, dogs barking and licking melted ice cream off the black top, house music, skanitly clad young beautiful boys who only have eyes for each other. fog, moonlight, beech forrest chipmonks, lily pads and flowers, busy birds, flowering gardens with flowers the size of dinner plates, sea grass, salt water spray, kites, frogs, flipflops, flippers, drinks, fish and food.

I had a drink , a legal drink, with one of the kids I was a nanny for when I was 20-21 the night before I left town. 18 years ago I am looking back and wishing I could do it all over again.

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  1. August 5, 2009 10:29 pm

    This is really fantastic. So very vivid, it’s like I’m right there. More please.

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