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Thank you and goodnight Walter Cronkite

July 19, 2009

So I heard this story from a friend who is friends with Walter’s personal assistant so its very second hand. She tells me the weekend her friend calls her to invite her onto Walter and Betsy’s sailboat is also the same weekend Princess Diana is rumored to be on Martha’s Vineyard. This girl Mia is in Ptown so her friend from NYC invites her to hop on the ferry and meet them there.

Besty makes fried chicken which she claims is just delicious. Both are very gracious and she admits its weird to call them Walter and Betsy, even though those are their names. Betsy tells a story about their oldest daughter in law who lives in NYC and has a four year old boy whom is named Walter Cronkite IV, whom they naturally call W4. Their daughter in law and her son are in central park when W4 grabs this little girl and pushes her down. W4’s mother screams across central park, “WALTER CRONKITE, you put that little girl DOWN!”.

Like a thousand people turn around, silently and stare.

Its funnier when I tell it because I tell it with great enthusiasm. So long Walter, you were admired and loved. So thanks, and goodnight.

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