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One day is not enough

May 5, 2009

Feeling guilty because I would rather sleep than get up and see my children in the morning I finally drag my sloppy ass out of bed and drink some coffee, pee and contemplate the disaster my house has become in just the one day of work I had yesterday and was not at home.The husband blames the children. Hmmm.

Its grey and chilly and all I want to do is put on sensible shoes, take a bus to NYC and walk around looking for books and drinking hot coffee. One day off is not enough in between shifts. My head swims all the time with shit that I can’t keep up with. I ask the other nurses if everyone feels this way and they tell me yes, you will, for like 6 months. SO, I have at least 6 more months to feel like an idiot that borders on harming people instead of healing them! WOOT. goodtimes.

Coupledom has been a strange place to live for the last little while and it feels like those dreams you have where you are constantly walking around a corner, expecting something but its just the next corner. I am confident that if I walk long enough, I will get to the point of it all but patience is not one of my virtues but actually my nemesis so we will see.

The baby cat is crazy and does not like to sleep at night and we all have to sleep with our doors shut and when the children have to pee at night its a loud BANG of shutting the door along with the pad of tiny feet. And she drinks out of the toilet, the kitten, not the children. Even when there is water in the dish downstairs. And we are not the best flushers bearing by the motto, “If its brown flush it down…”. SO eeewww. Totally gross.

No one remembers to keep the powder room door closed and the fat cat eats all the baby cats food, no one remembers to flush and NO one remembers to put the lid down so I have to resign myself that if the baby cat is going to lick me, it has our ass germs as well as hers.

My back hurts. as it does now all the time because I am old and have a physically strenuous job. Looking forward to a few hours of quiet and only my adgenda I think more coffee sounds good and I get  up, stretch cracking a bit and shuffle barefoot to the coffee pot and couch because its my day off damn it.

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  1. May 7, 2009 7:38 pm

    loving the ass germs

  2. May 28, 2009 12:48 pm

    Nice! I think you are wonderful and amazing and f’in A! You deserve to shuffle too and fro your coffee pot!

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